Fear of Writing

I make many page for the internet, this is easy and difficult, I am always laughing at what causes me problems, we are making a web site for the Hobo home that will be for only for Hotels and Hostels, etc.

There is needed introductions, explaining the site, about the Countries, Continents and just a general 200 word introductions. Everyone thinks they are a writer, however I find this the most difficult type of writing or type of writer that does not exist. Of course they have to understand what to write, however I gave instructions. PUT 200 words of anything in the pages and I will correct, it is not important, nobody is on the site.

I just need some content, well my techie in India sends me an email today that he will need to employ a person to do this. I guess there is a big fear of typing anything. That seems pretty easy to me.

Oh, well, I type up a small paragraph and sent. INSERT in all pages, hope it happens.

People that have blog are always working to hard, I just type, and click on publish, this is what is on my mind in this second.

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