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2005-08-21 23:40:00

I have arrived in Cairo, it is now the next morning and I am sort of comfortable, the place is steaming with activity. Big city with many horns and reminds me very much of India, I guess this is a former British Colony until 1952 this lady said last night. This means the speak better English.

I am on the 8th floor of a Hostel and the smog or mist is rising into the morning sun. Israel is very modern in comparison and now I am in an ancient time of Windows 98, and a dial up connection. I will go peruse the lower parts of the city, I am very high looking down on the city from the 8th floor, so I feel on top of the world. I am looking down into the clutter of Cairo, painted with smog, fog, and reflected by the morning sun.

It is a good day, Life is Good!