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Cairo Egypt to Niamey Niger Flight

2005-08-22 03:19:00

There is a Famine in Niger, I am trying to buy a ticket to the area.

Not an easy task and confusing, I will go to the Niger Embassy this afternoon here in Cairo and try to figure out the Visa. The cost of a plane ticket is now at 5500 Egypt Pounds and this is a lot for a round trip ticket, about 860 Dollars US. Land transportation could take days, plus the Visas could take days also, so to go fast is a huge problem.

Famine regions-Niger
Mainly North, North East and East of country
Keita, near Tahoua (one of most affected regions, 600km north of Niamey)
Loudou in Tahoua (there is a feeding station there)
Zinder region- 1000km east of Niamey
Villages around Ouallam, 90km north of Niamey

Kim collected this, a women from England.
I am targeting the city of Keita as the place to visit.

This computer has crashed or locked three times, I am not doing any spell check.

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