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Bus to Jerusalem

2005-08-16 00:05:00

Bus to Jerusalem
August 15

I have a friend Anna from Iceland, she is still upstairs sleeping in the dorm room, I think we will ride together today to Jerusalem, she leaves tomorrow for Iceland and I will stay in Jerusalem. The country of Israel is like a very large city in a way, I suppose it could take as long to travel across Berlin, Germany as it could take to go from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. I heard a person say last night, there is never more than a 3-hour trip in Israel, this country is very small, however in many ways very confusing to me.

I do not think I am confused about the cities of the country; I am confused about what to go and visit. There are three or four major focuses of tourist here, and I am tending to believe that the only people that come to Israel come for a pilgrimage.

Definition of Pilgrimage:
religious journey: a journey to a holy place, undertaken for religious reasons (2)

There are many Jewish people in the Hostel from many countries; more or less the whole Jewish world population seems to come here to visit. On the beach there is man French Jewish people and in the hostel we have every type on the planet, it is hard to say, however I think only about five percent of the visitors to Tel Aviv are non-Jewish, I am told this will be different in Jerusalem however who knows, I suspect there are many of the I-support-Palestine-Suicide-Bombers group there, I am not wanting to listen to this group and I do not want to listen to the group of Israelis that wish to rule the Palestine people.

There are visitors to Israel:
1. Jewish people being promoted by Israel or paid to come visit, they actually pay the youth’s plane ticket and such to come and visit.

2. The older Jewish groups that wish to come and see however have no desires to move here.

3. The ones that wish to come and support what they see as Palestine Refugees, however as my friend Anna who tends to be toward this side, they create little monsters, and Palestine is very modern, she did not see any hovels and she was expecting a big tent city, this is not there.

4. Christians who come for some reason to see the places where Christ traveled, they seem to be run by tour groups only and not traveling on their own.

5. Islamic people that come to Jerusalem, or Arab people, I am not clear on why they come to Israel, as I believed Mecca was in Israel; however, Mecca is in Saudi Arabia, this is the place they need to come and visit one time in their life as a good Muslim.