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Arabic Telephone

2005-08-25 02:35:00

Arabic Telephone

You all wonder why I do not just call; if you look close, there is Arabic letters on the electronic screen. It is not to say I cannot figure this out and for sure if I wanted to, I could buy a card, figure out the screen, do all sorts of talking with the locals trying to get help and in maybe one hour if I was lucky, and up to two days if I am unlucky I could make call.

I suppose the best way would to pay a taxi 30 Egyptian Pounds to say.
“I want to call the Ameriqui” Not America, however they understand the same as Iraq the word Ameriqui, and then maybe the man would search for a call center. I would not pay until I am sure there is a call center.

Call Centers used to be normal about 5 years ago, they are almost becoming extinct as most people have a mobile or cell phone, I am feeling that have no choice, I must buy a cell phone soon.