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Andy Hobo is Donky

2005-08-28 00:46:00

I am laughing, I received a funny email today.

It said:

Subject: donky

do not send any email again donky, you bad


It came from a UK address of free email account:

I sat, thought, why is this email calling me a donky.
I did not even think about the spelling, I think Donkey is the word, so I do not pay attention to spelling by foreign people, communication is the goal.

However if your english was very bad, and Weela Alsayed is not an English name, so I was thinking, I am a bad donky...

I am an A#$

You know the curse word in English, this is his or her attempt to curse at me, I went and found the email address in the subscribe to newsletter list and stopped them from receiving the email, and will go into the mean email page.

However very funny.

It is probably impossible for a person to get accidentally on my newsletter list, they must click and confirm they want the letter, it is called an opt-in newsletter and really the best way. This is common though, I say something a person does not like and they just click reply and try to get me to do the work of un-subscribing. Normally I just do nothing unless I have the time, it is very easy to un-subcribe.