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Wanted Van Help from Readers

2005-07-10 03:01:00

Wanted Van Help from Readers
I have deposited money to purchase a Van here in Marijampole, Lithuania. The place is a city that sells cars to Russians and the Stan Brothers, so they must do the paper work fast.

However, I have questions.

1. How long to get registration?
2. What type of license plate I will receive?
3. It there a little sticker that needs to be on the plate that allows me to travel in all the European Union Countries?
4. What type of insurance to I need to travel in all the European Union countries, is there a special name.

Any and all suggestions are welcome, I really need to figure this all out and make a checklist of my worries, and get this solved before I pay the money on Tuesday. I have Monday and hopefully this person Robert that speaks English is going to help, however who knows, maybe he gets around to calling me too late. I will spend all day on Monday trying to talk to the Insurance and Police about these issues

This is the problem, very few people talk English, and the ones that do are young and not so wise about helping or understanding these types of problems.

Please make comments below; it will help the others in the same type of situation.

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