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Walk on the Zebra

2005-07-15 12:54:00

Walk on the Zebra
I think this sounds funny, however so does saying
“Don’t Jaywalk.”

Although my reading the dictionary says the word Jay, come from some early 20th Century meaning of a heedless person, a person that does not heed or obey.

I do not heed your warnings.

While walking with Lucas and his girlfriend, both Polish people from the town of Augustow, we walked along many streets. Lucas said,
“We need walk the Zebra.”

Something not perfect English, however I finally understood his implications, there is a section of the road where they have drawn Zebra like lines on the road. This is the crosswalk and safe to walk.

This is good, to
“Cross at the Zebra.”

Probably a great way to teach children to be safe, however, I am wondering and from now on, I will always looking to see if the lines are like the Zebra.

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