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Waking with the Sun

2005-07-15 12:58:00

Waking with the Sun
I am a person that wakes with the sun and sleeps when the sun goes down, more or less my father and mother boy.

However I am realizing there is a new experience for me, there seems to be places on the planet that I have never traveled enough. Up in the north of the world the sun rises very early and sets very late in the summer. I found myself waking at 4:00 AM. This is early for me, and I looked around and had to check the clock a couple of times, yep, it is 4:00 in the morning.

I got up anyway as I do not like to force myself to lay in bed, like why would I want to sleep or try to sleep. I want to sleep when I am sleepy; to sleep when I am not sleeping seems to me like I am trying to avoid something.

Well, the days can be very long in the north or I suppose the very south of the planet, as the sunrays are different. The sun shines a broader angle or follows a different path. The book I am reading and will finish today by James Michener, called Alaska is also talking about the Artic Circle, a place where you have 6 months of sun and 6 months of dark. I was thinking about the saying,
“As sure as the sun rises.”

I guess in some places for sure the sunrise; however, they need to wait longer. When I was in Estonia I do not think I ever saw the sun set or rise, it was always light. This I believe cause some problem for the travelers who need to fall asleep or could not go to bed until the sun set, they felt a need to stay awake all night. However, the body still needs some rest; they therefore would sleep longer into the day. Starting to change their whole cycles of sleep.

I do not expect this to be a problem, as most of my life is spent in the Tropics, I find myself looking often at the Islands of the Caribbean, I think they are calling me.

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