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Waking Up Angry

2005-07-13 02:18:00


I am frustrated with the people of the world some days, I awoke
this morning angry. My mind has worked all night obviously thinking about
the comparison between Srebrenica, the town in eastern Bosnia and
Herzegovina where they are mourning 10 years after 8000 People
Killed and put in a mass grave.

I went to Iraq 35 days to see what the USA is doing in my name.
I witnessed the genocide graves of 2500 Iraqis murdered by Saddam
Hussein. There is suppose to be over 30 of these sites in Iraq.

75,000 people, that is 75,000 people that was murdered in
Iraq by Saddam Hussein. I witness the 2500 people, I seen
what he did, I am very proud of what the USA and President
George W. Bush is doing in my name.

This is what he is stopping are people so blind they cannot
see that Srebrenica should be stopped. That is what the
USA in Iraq is doing, stopping the murders, and the loss
of USA boys is worth the cost.

Many reading this are so jaded, they believe I am making
up and creating lies to make money. This is mean spirited,
hard to imgagine, I do not need you in my world,

I do not need your friendship, I really do not care if you like me.
I do this letter and make a web site to help people travel
sometimes it makes me happy, and sometimes I am sad.
I enjoy my life as I wish and do as I wish.

The goal of these newsletters, the blog, and posting all
of these photos is to explain my little Hobo Travel World.
To make money with the website so I can continue
to travel the world and witness the good and bad in
all of us.

Life is Good

I went and labeled some more of the photos, I can tell I did not deal with this Iraqi thing the way I thought I did, the photos are sloppy, the pages are not completed, it is a mess. Sometimes when you see things like a German Concentration Camp, or Pol Pot and his Genocide in Cambodia, you really do not want to spend a lot of time.

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