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Vilnius Lithuania Photos with Statues

2005-07-09 07:18:00

Vilnius Lithuania Photos

This is a naked woman statue; there is always a naked woman or man statue in all cities. I like the mermaid, it is better statue than most, and however the artists revel often in creation of questionable designs. There is statue in England as you enter one of the major parks that seems to be reward or benefit to the devil, like evil is good.

This is a question mark; there are multiple small doors on the barn or garage behind the house. Maybe there are many units in the home and every home has one unit, or possible this is to separate animals. Hard to know, I am not sure how long multiple families home have been in existence.

This is a great photo, a blowers attached to the outside of home, I have never seen this type of device used in this manner.

Travel or communication can be problem in all countries, however the misconceived representation that Europeans speak good English causes problem. My misinterpretation of the abilities is probably because I meet many travelers that do indeed speak great English. However, I have found the average person in most of the Eastern European countries speaks almost or very little English; about the same as if you wanted Americans to speak Spanish, you can find some that speak a little about anywhere.

I am now making signs to help me in the Bus Station or on the bus to indicate clearly, where I am going. My bad pronunciations is alleviated or mediated.


What is this?
This small hoop is located on the front of a home; there are bushes directly in front of the hoop, then the sidewalk. When the home was constructed maybe, there were no bushes or sidewalk and the use was more obvious.

What is this?
This may be a water tower; it is located outside the city along side the road in small scatters of homes. There were three situated maybe 500 meters apart in this area.

Bad photo, however what do you want, the bus was moving.

Look at the spelling of Vilnious, it appears to be spelled Vilniaus, however this could be another city, however I think it is spelled different for the same city.

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