View from my Bauskas Latvia Window

View from my Bauskas Latvia Window
Photos of me looking out the window of my nice second floor room for 14 dollars U.S. per night

I opened the window this morning to allow some fresh air to enter and to encourage a few flies to vacate the premises.

I gave my laundry to Sandra the owner or manager of this very small guesthouse and wonderful place in Bauskas, Latvia. She was to wash, however I have learned my lesson many times when there is the hang on the clothesline method of drying prevalent, which is the whole world except for the USA that I must make sure or check to see if they are drying. So I looked down to see if my clothes were on the line, yes they are great, clean shirts this afternoon.

I scanned over to the left and zoomed in on a couple of calves, hoping to get that great panoramic view of the yellow mustard and the calves in one photos.

I take on photo of the calves and the background, and then download from the camera onto the computer. I stand up and grab some coffee, and a glass full of my homemade granola or trail mix. Then looking out the window again, I see that Sandra is moving the calves grazing position and is now available for the paparazzi. Therefore, I took another photo and add a human, funny how a picture of a human makes us realize we are alive.

Great day to be alive in the countryside of Latvia, almost like being down home on the farm in Indiana.