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Van deal in Lithuania Fails

2005-07-12 01:25:00

I lose my 250 Lit money, or about 60 U.S. deposit today, I checked with the Insurance and that is ok, however I need the Van in my name.

Well... The Regitra or Registration department here wants me to have a temporary permission to live in Lithuania, before they will allow me to put the title in my name.

The lady at the insurance company called twice on this issue and we went to the office. I need some permission, not real clear, however the Car Insurance company lost money by not getting this done, so I suppose she is correct.

They were all nice, however the Registration lady was not helpful.

They say it takes one month to get the permission, and if any of you understand this type of thing, it could be longer, I would think better to do in Vilnius the Capital.

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