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Tuttlingen Germany Hotel 21 Euros

2005-07-30 08:12:00

I am in Tuttlingen Germany.

It where the read 148 or 149 is on the map, and was the number of a couple newsletter I wrote a while back.

I think the Hotel is 21 Euros, not the 27 I was expected, the lady at the reception wrote down the price, it look like the 1 that is like a tent, I am hoping it is 1 and not a 7, however both are ok and I am happy. The room has CNN, electricity, common shower and a great bed, Sabine fixed me up good.

Germany is being clever, I have no access to USB here or a way to tranfer information to the computer. I will do soon at Sabines house, so I can relieve my pent up photos I want to post on Liechtenstein.