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Traveling by Van in Europe

2005-07-10 02:58:00

Traveling by Van in Europe

I am finding that the idea of traveling around Europe in a van has energized me, I am actually looking forward to seeing Europe now, normally I am just annoyed with the inane love of Europe by everyone. The Europeans are in love with themselves and the USA is in love with Europe. To me it has always been an annoying piece of land in the way, and the worst travel value on the planet. There is history in every country, so this stupid comment about history is always silly; there is a long history everywhere. I am not so interested in only white people history.

Right now I am getting a real desire to find out about Black people history or Africa, in fact the Van is a possible option for doing the across the middle of Africa trek, expeditions or long drive in the desert. Oh yes, this is maybe Safariā€¦ hehehe, the whole world is in love with themselves and enamored with their great adventures, they need to come up with better and greater ways to say how they travel.

I believe the train sucks in Europe, it runs at the wrong time, make my life difficult and cost a fortune. The Eurolines or bus system of Europe is a better value for my money and I actually get to see a country. Trains go fast, do not slow down, do not turn curves and for the most part just thread their way though trees quickly and fast, hard to see any culture, however if you wish to see the trees maybe it is better.

I feel the best way to see Europe is to drive; Europe is in many ways worst than the USA for travel. The whole USA speaks the same language, and the Greyhound bus is possible to book online or really, you do not need to book, just show up.

Eurolines bus has this stupid way of making web sites for every country with a completely different system for each country. Then there is the language problem, you have to figure out the website in the mind of a different culture. If there, was just one guide to the times and routes to all the cities in the Eurolines system then you could just show up like the Greyhound in the USA.

With Greyhound you can check city to city, and then get the times, it is still not great.

There is some train book of the world, maybe by Cook that explains all the train routes. I really should figure out where to buy this.

I have figure it out, it is about 1000 miles from here to Frankfurt with a small detour to the Stuttgart area to see my friend Sabine, the cost in Gas is maybe 150-200 U.S. dollars and probably the same as the bus tickets, and easier to figure out.

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