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Travelers Century Club

2005-07-20 03:48:00

I have found a very interesting web site and club about travelers that have visited over 100 countries.

The Travelers' Century Club - Travellers Century Club

I was trying and am trying to count the countries of the world, I started the other day with 312 and went down to 308.

The club says "315 as of January 2005," so I am or was getting very close to a good list, very interesting information and well compiled.

Here is my blog post talking about the number of countries from a couple days ago.

I was having a discussion with Ian a guy from Ohio, that is living in Belfast and he told me about this site. There is a thought in the back of many travelers about how many countries they have visited. I am not wanting to ignore countries by accident, there are some small corners of the planet and I am trying to understand how to stand in that corner.