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A Too Clever Planet

2005-07-21 07:38:00

A Too Clever Planet
I am wondering to myself, musing to myself, and trying to introspect on the need to be clever by the other animals around my cage. Why is there such a great need to be clever or more correctly maybe the need is to show to the other animals in the cages that they are the dominant animal in the cage. Strangely, these animals are not really trying to be the top dog or the top alpha male; they are only trying to show off.

I was just looking at a Pee Wee Herman hairstyle on some other traveler, and thought,
“Do you really want to look like Pee Wee Herman?”

So many people are trying to be clever in how they dress, how they act, and the toys they carry. I am becoming more or forever aware that to bring attention to myself is some form of weakness, the need to have people pay attention to me is some form of emotional need. The need for comfort, love, or affection is different from the need for adulation by unknown humans. I really do not know the people around me; the awareness that the other people in the room are not ever going to be important in my world is becoming more and more critical to my travels.

The good fun talking or small talk is becoming of less value, mainly because I have discovered so many times that only about 2 percent of the emails collected or individuals I encounter are capable of having any residual friendship. To have a friendship with another travelers, it is required we share some experience together that has nothing to do with talking. This means that a friendship formed because we walked together to see a museum is more important than a relationship formed by talking together one on one for 10 hours. Even though to me the 10 hours would seem more intimate and maybe real, there is a Rush House University mentality need to share a common pain that endears people.

I think or concentrate on the problem of finding more friends to travel with, as I am becoming needy for steady friendships that do not change everyday. However the question and any person has the same problem, the need to have a steady day in, day out, consistent, ongoing friendship with the same person I believe is an emotional need of people. For me much less than the normal person, however I still have a need, not a want.

My friend German of the Bogotá Platypus says to stay longer in places, I am thinking I am going to somewhat change my method of travel…


There is no method or plan to my travels, I am just in areas of travel, I am in some region of the planet traveling around, I just wander from place to place, I really do not have a plan and for sure, I do not want a plan.

I suppose more correctly I am thinking about do this, going through five or six countries with a destination in mind to stay maybe three to four weeks. For me this would normally be the beach, and then I could look forward to parking myself in one spot for a few weeks and recoup, find longer friendships and enjoy life longer, as opposed to short term.

Europe is a short-term living arrangement; nobody in any Hostel stays longer than three days. The time in Asia or the Americas is closer to 5-7 days so the ability to establish friends is higher, and there is more interchange with the locals.

Life is good.