The Perfect World

2005-07-02 02:16:00

The Perfect World

Some Photos of Riga
The Perfect World does not exist; there is no Utopia where you and I will be perfectly content.

Where am I? I am sitting outside the WC Dusa or the Showers and Toilet in English. A blasй gray linoleum floor, with wall of orange and blue tile on the walls, this is the common shower and toilet area, totally vacant at 5:40 am in the morning in the Argonauts Hostel in Riga, Latvia. Nobody showers or probably will shower here before 9:00 AM as of yet, we only have the stragglers have not made it back to bed from the bars. Riga seems to be one of the full on, no stop party places of Europe. I do have to admit there is a new form of wiggle in the walk girl here that is very tempting. The music I have been hearing in the background is not so tempting; however, there is always a new bar on every corner, and always different.


There may be a strip joint down below as there are many girls walking around in their pajamas. I am sure this is something else, it is not really underwear, more of a made more alluring type of clothing. Stripper clothing that is what it is, however what is stripper clothing?

Smoking a cigarette and standing on one foot, I am above here looking down from the second floor. Stripper and prostitutes do not like photos.

Riga is majestic, rumpled, down to earth city, some type of Eastern Europe hangout perfect for a Stag Party and maybe a great place to pick up girls as they say in the USA or PULL as they say in England. I have no idea where the boys would take them, as I am living in a room with seven other people.

The buildings are all about five stories high, a mix of architecture, modern next to old, short next to tall, a great feeling for a city. It is like being in England in many ways, however more rumpled. Estonia is extremely organized and clean, hard to find anything out of place. Here I believe you can find many things out of place.

Imagine a horse cart, small mud or stone streets, laved out, as you would walk between the trees, not as a form of logic. Note this cobblestone make my two-wheeled carts terrible to pull.

This is the side of an older building; I would believe they tore down the building next to it to expose the side. I am interested in the Lath on the wall at the top, next photos shows better.

This is Lath, which is defined as small strips of wood, maybe wire mesh or anything that creates a framework for plaster. This is an oversimplified explanation of lath. On the other hand, who would know all the words to describe what is lath?

This from the ground level looks like reeds or strips of heavy leafs cut into strips and dried, or some form of cattails used as lath. I am not sure, too far away, maybe just pieces of wood. In the world of construction there has always been something mixed with the local building cement to reinforce the bricks, walls, or whatever.

The can use grass, bamboo, reads, leaves, straw, wire, junk, anything long and fiber like or long and think can be put in…

Mud, clay, sod, grass, concrete, plaster, or many configurations of materials.

The worst form of construction is probably wood; it has problems lasting more than maybe one hundred years. Normally the older buildings in the city are not a good example of how people lived if there was wood around. In Riga there was wood around so my guess is the present structures represented only about 5 percent of the types of buildings that existed.

Adobe used in Arabic countries or very poor quality clay is terrible also, more of a mud and less of clay. When it dries, it is still not a rock, it is just hard mud and when it rains, the house starts slowly to melt away. Mud house or adobe is a good question, what is the difference?

Mosquitoes in Hostel
We have mosquitoes in the Hostel, the 6.3 Asia looking person who is from the USA was warning me about the mosquitoes last night. There is a few, so far not enough for me to dig out my mosquito net. I had one of my worst nights for mosquitoes in my travels in Brugge Belgium as I did not have a mosquito net because I was under the impression I did not need this in Europe. I have learned my lesson, Europe is always two levels below my high expectations of quality however, this for sure is where the stereotype come from that American complain or always say things are better in the USA.

I normally am very good at avoiding the stereotype or cut them off at the pass before anyone can tell me the stereotypes. I know them better than them, so easy to anticipate their comments.

I was complaining about the lack of butter in the microwave popcorn and it burning in Parnu, Estonia, instantly the Dutch person assumed or seen this as me saying the USA is better. I was only commenting on the quality of this pack, however for sure the USA is better. In fact so far in the RIMI grocery store which appears to be some for of chain in the Baltic States here in Riga does not even sell microwave popcorn. I had to adapt and make popcorn in a bowl with a little butter, and a plate on top. My diet is going so so, however I think popcorn is better than most.

This Hostel is short on most things so I am not going to cook too much, it is short a stove in the kitchen, and there is a microwave. This is not a full kitchen, more of a way to say they have a guest kitchen, they do have a fridge.

I am tempted to go to Fun Franks Hostel or something like that, however not really a good idea to change a Hostel only for a few amenities, my gut says all of the Hostels in Riga are very party orientated and not really for living, more of a flophouse than a home.

Working on Perfect
I am working on Perfect, what is perfect and what is not perfect? I am a data collector or collector of ideas. I have many databases full of list, a list of what is good and bad about this non-perfect world.

Beautiful German Girl in Underwear
A beautiful Ger man girl in her underwear just came out to tell me and a Swedish guy talking with me to be quiet, he has just returned from the bars. He has a professional grade Nikon digital camera, and we have started to discuss various levels of taking photographs.

She came out again and gave me one of them German I am superior looks, and know better. I hope she understands I am in control and she is the one suffering, in a Darwin world, I win.

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