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Stuttgart Germany to Valduz Liechtenstein

2005-07-26 04:31:00

Stuttgart Train to Liechtenstein
I am on the train from Stuttgart, Germany to Valduz, or maybe Schaan, Liechtenstein, hard to say, this country I am visiting is less than 30 miles long, so the map is not very good simple on distances.

However, this morning has been interesting with the two people in the Hostel with me being good fun and an interesting morning of conversation. We all went down to the Train Station at the same time and share the misery of trying to figure out where to go together.

I laughed when the woman at the ticket counter told me that everyone speaks English, I would have to totally disagree. If you can find a person they may 50/50, speak English. The train was schedule on my ticket for “Gleis 15,” therefore I was set, I had a couple of hours to wait, then off to Liechtenstein, however at the last few minutes the sign said something about 16, and for next 20 minutes I attempted to find a person, conductor, worker, or any type of attendant that could confirm that I need to get on the 16 track train. Finally, as the door was ready to close, a woman came along, looked at my schedule, and nodded here head.

Therefore, I am 95 percent; sure, I am on the right train, if nothing else I will go to Austria.

I have a reservation in Liechtenstein for one night, and maybe will book more if I want after I arrive, hard to say, as always the data is sketchy and can be misleading. I always like to peruse a city before I make a decision, however this is not possible in Europe, I really do need a reservation or a van to drive around, one of the two. There was only one Hostel in the so I had no choice, this is ok, work best in cities where you do not need a reservation, however one is better than none. at least list a few extra choices, I am getting excited with this because they are good, they are my prime choice now for Hostel information.

The two travelers from the Hostel were interesting; we went to some Jazz Club for a couple of hours last night and talked a lot. I was laughing as our Hostel was surrounded by Sex Shops and Prostitutes from every part of the world. Mostly I think from Africa as they were 80 percent black, we asked them for directions by accident before learned, and did this also with a pimp, he was polite, spoke English and said,
“I am sorry, I do not know this Bar, however if you want a wife, I can help.”

We had a good time however all of us only stayed one night in Stuttgart because we could not find a room for tonight, and there was zero help or temptations to go see things. The Mercedes Museum was the only option or offered idea.

I do not like trains, not because they are not great and comfortable, it is because they are never convenient. I am not going to arrive until about 6:00 PM and this is late for me, I NEED a reservation, there is no choice.

I can if I wish spend 4 hours organizing, buying my train ticket when I arrive, and this to me is time of travel, I include all this Mickey Mouse planning time as part of travel time. A bus in most countries can be grabbed easily in the morning and you really do see more of the country. A train goes through nature, while a bus will also go through the towns and cities on a more up close and personal level.

I am somewhat excited about Liechtenstein, if I can learn to spell the country, then I will be doing well. Five days in Stuttgart was going to be four days too many, so I am doing great. I skipped Czech Republic and will go back later, I really do not want to visit the party center of Europe during the highest of the high season, and this seems for me like asking for a tourist headache, I cannot be bothered to deal with the lemmings.

I will try to buy a ticket again tonight for Israel on 9 August, I tried last night however, I needed to transfer money, and I do not think the Visa card would work when the money was only transferred a few minutes below into the account. I am hoping this is the problem; otherwise, I will pay about 75 dollars more to buy a ticket with a travel agency. Turkish Airlines is the cheap one from Frankfurt, and Olympic, however the Olympic site is very stupid in design.

Funny, an Islamic country selling cheap tickets to Israel?

I am going now into the Alps or the mountain ranges at the bottom of Germany, top of Switzerland or in Austria, this is why I came, at this juncture I am 150 miles more or less and do not have to go that far into the mountains or from West to East cross them, this would be very expensive, I read that Liechtenstein does not have an airport, however there are more offshore companies set up there than people.

Liechtenstein is one of them countries that main business is hiding money and making great tax deals for rich people, I am going to try to check out Hosting for internet sites in the countries, I do not know how much personal tax they pay, however a German country with good tax benefits is better probably than a Malaysian or Singapore country spending their whole time being deceptive. German is hard to deal with, however what you ask for, IF YOU ASK CORRECTLY they will give you.

I had to get out the guidebook and shoe the exact spelling of the city and country so I could by the train ticket, you either enter Germany on a perfect level or you get a no or nein or shake their head in disgust as if you are stupid. There is a definite I am superior attitude to the German people, or I cannot be bothered unless you are perfect with me. Too much stupid, I would have purchase my ticket from a travel agent last night for Israel if she would not have given me the attitude I know everything and you know nothing. She said there were no tickets available, and I already knew the airlines, times, and what the availability was, I just want a close price and I would buy from the travel agent. I do believe they are doomed to end, there is a limit to the public’s stupidity and how long they will tolerate lack of good service and good prices.

I am getting a little motion sick or dizzy, the train is bouncing and I am at the end of my tolerance to being sick. Bye.