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Russia - India and the Stan Brothers

2005-07-10 02:33:00

Russia - India and the Stan Brothers

Map and explanation about getting a Russian Visa in Tallinn Estonia.

I am making some progress on trying to figure out how to get an Invitation and Visa to Russia quickly and simply. I met a very good traveler, level head and makes good decisions in Riga, Latvia who was on his way to Tallinn, Estonia to get a Visa to travel to Russia.

For sure the easy way to enter Russia is from the West side or the Europe side, the Mongolia, China side is just ridiculous unless you already have your Visa from your home country, getting your Visa in Asia is too difficult and very to expensive.


hi andy,
ended up giving my passport to a travel agent to sort out. costs about the
same as doing it yourself. 1200 eek, but 1070 eek if you have proof of
travel insurance. thats for australians anyway. its at Leon Travel in
Tallin. www.leontravel.ee also heard you can get a ukraine visa from
st. petersburg for about $120 us, fast tracked in three days, that was for
an american.
take it easy mate
This is great, I am trying to figure out how to travel across Russia with the least amount of headache, and Tallinn is a great place to hang around for a week while I get a Visa.


To travel from Europe to Asia you have two major choices, and two routes that are more difficult by land with the Stan Brothers

1. Fly from Frankfurt, Germany to Bangkok, Thailand
2. Go from Finland or Estonia across Russia, to Mongolia, to Peking, China by train.
3. Land across the Stan Brothers.


4. Lower route across Iran, Pakistan, to India, up across Nepal and over from Lhasa to wherever.

I suppose I will take all of these routes by the time I am done. I met a German woman who drove from Germany to India by land, now that is an interesting proposition


Leon Travel in Tallinn Estonia

St Petersburg Russia Help

Travelers Guesthouse

Will fax invitation as Part of Travelers Guesthouse in Saint Petersburg Russia

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