Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

2005-07-04 10:01:00

Riga Old Town Hostel Riga Latvia

Unfortunately, I made the wrong choice, I stayed in the Argonauts and should have stayed here, just out the underpass and across the street from the International Bus stop, and this is the ideal place for me.

43 Valnu Street
+371 7223406

In the next life, or next time to Riga, this is my top choice, just too convenient, with a full on kitchen, TV, and cable, more like home. I am annoyed that the kitchen of the Argonauts did not have a stove. Like an insult to be called a kitchen, missing essentials to the definition of kitchen.

This is in the Riga Old Town Hostel; it is a site map of the city of Riga, with lots of explanation below the map explaining how to visit local places. I consider this a Five Star type need for a top-notch hostel. I only see this in about one in 30 Hostels or Hotel on the planet.

This is Dave and Colin; we had a great dinner cooked on a real stove in the Riga Old Town Hostel. I met Dave in Tallinn, he is a chef, and Colin is from Wales, he makes money buying and fixing up old home, then selling.

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