Riga Latvia

2005-07-02 02:19:00

Riga Latvia
Riga is the capital of Latvia, a city with maybe 850-1,000,000 people I would guesstimate. Feels like there are many people congregating here so I expect it is growing. There is a port on the Gulf of Riga or the Baltic Sea, so positioned good for industrial activity. This is the first Industrial type area I have seen in Eastern Europe as Estonia seem vacant of mass employers, I had hard time understanding where the money was earned in Estonia.

There is suppose to be a Moat here, I will try to walk until I find this, I love moats, walls, and ways a city fortified itself against invaders. Tallinn, Estonia had a wall; however, I suspect they also used water. I will nose around today and see what I can discover. The emphasis here is on drinking, and the conversations are not about great places to see, more about the escapades of drinking.

I sussed this out from my Encarta Encyclopedia; I am excited to see as I am told the offline version of Wikipedia.com Encyclopedia. The online version is open source, as I understand and people contribute, this means the volume of information increases on esoteric or unique information. I am looking forward to opening my insights at the Wikipedia.org convention on August 4 in Frankfurt; this should be a wealth of research help.

There is a Guild Hall in the Riga, and that is far as I get in the encyclopedia, I then have to look up the word Guild with is more or less a group of individuals that grouped together to help set standards for trade in the area. However, this concept is suspect, however of course any comment is the world is suspect, and however some are better than others are.

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