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Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

2005-07-07 06:05:00

I must leave tomorrow.
Reservations Kick me out of Filaretai Youth Hostel

Annoying... I am in a Backpacker Hostel and now I must leave, I will leave Vilnius as I am looking to find something normal. These tourist bubbles are killing me, I need a place where I can see a hardware, a shoe shop, a normal store. I am tired of Souvenir shops and restaurants selling nothing but food from other countries. It would be nice to see a tourist restaurant in Lithuania with a sign.

Lithuania Food

Ok, Vilnius is better than Riga for medieval Building and for sure it has two things.

1. More great looking churches, they challenge Chang Mai, Thailand for number of Religious buildings.
2. Stunning blond girls, I am not sure how.

However the city is very confusing from Filaretai Youth Hostel direction and I am not up to bothering with all the maps. It is definitely a city that would take a week to figure out clearly. I wish there was a sign for walking tours in the Hostel, I think I would pay to not be confused.

This is the first time in 8 years of travel I have actually had to leave because of a reservation. I did get kicked out of some Golden Crap place in Pai, Thailand. I think they did not like it that I did not sit around smoking dope like all the other travelers.

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