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Ramas in Marijampole Internet Cafe

2005-07-13 02:44:00

This is Ramas from the Marijampole, Lithuania Internet Cafe.

This is real time blogging, I am just finishing up sending my newsletter, now I go to Poland at 2:00 PM.

This is my bags, I have them connected with a padlock, very dangerous to leave bags sitting around in Internet Cafes. Especially here. I FEEL VERY SAFE - When I feel safe, I am extra cautions, this is when you always have problems.

Waiting for the Internet Cafe to open, note I have my laptop bag out because I need it to fix some HTML in the pages I am making or the newsletter mirror page. Normally it is inside the one smaller bag.

I connected the bags, ran across the street.
Pretzels Breakfast of Champions.

It is very easy to buy beer here, a piece of bread is difficult.
Reminds me of Florida in the USA, I am not sure, however in the past you could buy beer at Gas Stations.

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