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Proper Englishman

2005-07-01 04:21:00

Proper Englishman
There is an invigorating and inspiring experience that happens about once per year, and maybe more often if you take a trip to England. You may if very lucky, meet a proper Englishman, a person with the type of manners, etiquette and form that made England a great country. This plus all them colonies, Great Britain, and / or maybe the United Kingdom.

There is this gentleman in my dorm room presently who rises, to shake my hand when I entered, gave me eye contact, thumbs up, and a nod from his bed at 5:00 AM as I was leaving. We are not friends, we do not have great conversations, and we have respect for each other, and treat each other with respect. There is no condescension as is the standard behavior of many British people when meeting a person from the United States. It took me about four years to understand my feeling when around the Great Britain people; I finally realized they treat me as if I am a peasant or maybe some type of trailer trash, or hillbilly in more graspable terminology.

Most Europeans seem to have terminal low esteem and have trouble acknowledging the presence of anyone, there is this fear in their step, voice, and eyes that makes them weak. Americans are loud and naпve, assumptive of the idea that they are special, I am not sure which is worst, to believe you are special and not be, or the low self-esteem type and believe you are special. I have seen many people on the planet and the common factor among all of them is they believe their lives are special. I believe there is nothing special about my life, in fact the incredible pettiness of myself is overwhelming in so many way, travel belittles me, makes me understand my humility, I am a grain of sand on the beach, I will not be missed when I die.

I can feel an email coming from my Mother and Father as I stated that as my family and friends believe all are special and would do anything to make sure their family knows they are loved. I am loved; however, the mortality of life is always present for a traveler.

I walk down a street alone, I sometimes sit in my room, become a little afraid, what would happen if I died in this chair? Would this culture take the time to discover whom I am and why I existed, then try to contact my family? I do not believe this is guaranteed, maybe a 50/50 chance on the planet, 50 percent just become missing so the government does not have to deal with the embarrassment.

There is no noble class, and never should be anyone who is special from birth, money, or some perceived social status, however, there are individuals that are aristocratic in behavior and manner that do set themselves apart like the man in my room from England.

There is a path I have been traveling that is leading to a bad place, I am from a place and time where people say hello, look at each other and treat people with respect. However I can see that I am changing, travel is destroying my sense of what is proper and good manners. I find myself avoiding people, I neglect having good manners, because I know the others around me are animals, they will not appreciate or understand common respect. They are mean people in the world, which would take a nerd and not see the greatness in their simplicity and lack of sophistication. There is nothing sophisticated about being a snob, I must remember who I am and where I came from, remember I represent my family and my country when I am traveling, I must remember that the good Gods of the world wish me to be a good boy.

This is the priority of life, to be a good boy.

I was laughing as I heard a quote from a movie the other night I will paraphrase.

“Thank God, I was born smart enough to live in a small town.”

The clutter of humans, there is nothing possible in a herd of cattle that would create a better world. Too many people in the cities of the planet are not making the world a better place. There is an experiment where they put 2000 mice in a small box, they stop reproducing, they become mixed or confused of their identity, they stop reproducing and no longer mate. In the end they all die, this memory from a Psychology is remembered. What is sad is this was natural, because all things in a box are natural; this is what happens in a normal box, nothing abnormal, behavior that should be expected and predicted.

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