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Photos Krakow Poland and Stuttgart Germany

2005-07-25 02:39:00

Photos Krakow Poland and Stuttgart Germany

I had a lot of questions to answer at the Krakow, Poland airport as the were looking at my room heater invention, half finished, looks more like a toaster.

When the guy said Toaster, life became easier for me.

Statue in Krakow Poland

Brad and Diego, two great guys from Canada I met in Stuttgart in the Alex 30, not so friendly Hostel, however ok, more or less. Friendly is a bonus, not a needed aspect.

Getting on the 87 Euro flight between Krakow and Stuttgart Germany with the airlines

This bank in Stuttgart gave me these really great coin bags, he gave me 8, now I put the Euros in one, the Swiss Francs in another, and the do not get mixed, I can then save for when I get home for Samantha my niece to clean up and sort, not that she wants this job, I have appointed her as Uncle privileges.