Party Riga Latvia

2005-07-04 09:59:00

Party Riga Latvia

This is probably one of the party central cities of Europe, for sure now one of the Stag Party of Bachelor Party locations of Europe.

Two Dutch Girls and Dutch boy with his arm up and a man from Wales.

Colin from Wales with the hard body girl from the Netherlands.

Me with my future wife, although she does not agree in the least with this idea, I asked her to travel across central Africa with me, however I am really not getting anywhere. She is a great girl of 23, says I am old enough to be her father; she has no mercy on me.

They told her in Morocco they would give 25,000 camels for her; I proceed to say that was a lot of money for one girl of course saying that she was not worth 25,000 Camels did not make time. I had a lot of fun with this group, in the party capital of Riga Latvia.

I go their emails like a wise man would, they are from The Hague, Holland or The Netherlands.

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