Marijampole Lithuania Kindness

Marijampole Lithuania Kindness
I sometime believe the cause of all anger or discourse between nations starts with people in cities. I entered a small city by the name of Marijampole and have been amazed at the warm and helpful welcome I have received. The people of Vilnious were cold and distant, in many ways just annoyed to try to help or be of help to anyone. I do not see this as being only to foreigners or tourist; I did not see kindness to their own people. However here in Marijampole there has a been unbelievable levels of welcome.

This man works for Ecolines Bus systems, not Eurolines, Ecolines. I was walking around outside the bus station trying to access or figure out where the center of Marijampole was located. I decided to walk into a bus office and kill to birds with one stone, ask about the location of the center, and learn about possible bus tickets.

Alec and Christina helped me to find a Hotel, explained the location of the center of the city. Alec called around found the best price on a Hotel, and then drove me in his car to the Hotel for free. What a great guy.

The guy on the right is Robert, his father on the left. Robert is helping me to buy a van, this whole city is a rarity, everyone goes out of their way. The taxi driver went to four places to find this Internet Cafe, asked questions and really helped.

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