Made Deal to Buy Mercedes Camper Van

I am going to buy or I put money down to close a deal on a Mercedes Camper Van on Tuesday. That is when I need to figure out all the paperwork and pay them. It is an old van, tall enough to stand inside, has a shower and can sleep 5 close friends, and 4 not so close friends.

Has a cooking range and fridge, however no toilet, guess I can buy a portable, or go for the woods.

Seem perfect, I am still trying to slice and dice the huge language problem. I need to be sure to get done whatever needs done as far as insurance and plates to travel all of Europe.

I weighed it a lot and there are windows, I think passengers would like to look out the window, this is really a camper van, however smaller like a van, with the vaulted ceilings. I just made the deal an hour ago, and now I have to suss out the business on Monday and close the deal on Tuesday, then I go to Poland.

Amazing the number of stunning blonds in Lithuania, fake or real, who cares.

Note I am figuring this way.
I save on gas because I can share with people, has room to take up to 7 including me easily.

I save on food cost because I can buy from groceries and store.

I get to see the real countries and stay out of the Tourist Bubbles.

I need a break from Hotels and Hostels.

No packing and unpacking.

I will probably sleep along the way about two to three nights per week, this will save about 50 USA per week, minimal.

Just another life.

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