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Lithuania - Where is it

2005-07-11 01:19:00

Lithuania - Where is it?

I purchased one of them
“I love Lithuania” shirts

I think this type of shirt is the number one shirt saying on the planet, I love this place or I love that, etc.

The shirt goes on and says,
But where is it?”

World Geography
The truth is most everyone on the planet is bad with Geography, it is not just Americans, it is the whole world.

I am very good with Geography and the “Americans are bad with Geography” stereotype an insult made to me on a regular basis is one of them mistakes other travelers presume on a regular basis. The soon realize I know more about Geography and World Politics than they could possibly imagine.

Because I have traveled to many countries, plus another reason that the normal person does not have, I am trying to make a web site for the whole planet. I am trying to make guides for the whole planet, not discretionary; I want to include every place or destination on the planet.

Ash placed in a comment the other day,
“Obviously you have never been to England.”

Referencing the bombing in London.

I have been to London twice, the first time I stayed about 10 days and the second time about 5 days. What do I know about London, I understand the Kangaroo Court of Earls Court Tube Stop?

I know about Kings Crossing because this is the Tube or Train area where you catch a train to Stansted Airport as best my memory serves. It was one of the locations the evil crazy’s culture bombed the other day.

What do people know about Geography?

They only know what they talked about with their friends; the world is equally ignorant of Geography. Some countries have more passports, not because they travel, it is because they need a passport to move two feet in any directions.

Now… true some culture do travel more, the British, the Germans, the Dutch travel more than most and they have a passport that is accepted in most countries. They have the same passport levels as the USA. Australia and New Zealand are included in this list of countries. These are your first world countries of the planet, the rest start to go down into second, third and up to fifth on my list. I do not have just three levels.

I am getting extremely tired of watching CNN; the London Bombing is on 24 hours per day.





I want world news.

CNN changes everywhere on the planet, now I am wanting to know what is going with the President or ruler of Bolivia, how is the new changes in Government in Ecuador going?

Is the Thailand government still killing large numbers of Muslims in the south of Thailand?

Is the Ardmore Corridor finished from the north to south of Fort Wayne, Indiana and is it open for traffic?

Is Fox the president of Fox really getting rid of the corruption in Mexico, is Mexico still one of the most corrupt places on the planet?

CNN is 24 hours per day of repetition of the exact same newscast; it is not new all day. It does give you the updates; however, it is not a new subject. They are focusing on presently a few subjects.

Srebrenica Bosnia
Suicide Bombers

After this list, the news is very bad, they are so one track it is annoying.

However, who in their right mind would watch CNN 24 hours per day.

I only have one station that is in English all the time, I can surf and surf and click until I am blue, only the CNN is in English.

The internet is great, I can if I wish go further in depth and find out what the news is in my home cities. However, I cannot watch TV and learn about world news, I can only learn about what they consider important.

So repeatedly I watch the same, then I here them change the word so they become more controversial and make the great number of people angry. Because they like all news companies, sell Anger and making people angry.

I really would like real world news; I must read the newspapers of the planet to really get the better world news.

I am working on a long-term project; I am trying to make a list of all the countries on the planet.

This is not easy; every list I find leaves out maybe 25 percent of what you may think is a country. Is Scotland a country?

I have collected the pull down menus from various websites and sussed out what they list as the countries of the planet or just their list.

IATA - Airports
CIA - Central Intelligence Agency of the United States of America
United Nations
Hostel Sites or Hotel Sites on the Internet

NOTE: There are many ways to call a country or the name of the type of country, if you are interested in this trivia go here:

Continents and Areas as my list grows, or way to say or call a region of the planet.

How did all of this start, I am wanting my nephew Brandon to make little hoboes for my site, I need also countries. Then again, I am remembering how many times CNN is forgetting the rest of the planet.

I am working also on a project for all the Hotels and Hostels on the planet, this need very desperately all the nations or areas.


If I keep getting honest with myself, I want to know how many countries I have visited, and how to keep track. I want clarify where I should go and it is this part of my list of countries. There are some small Enclaves in Europe, one in Italy that I need to keep my eye on, go stop in, and see what is up.

San Marino's and the Vatican City have its own form of government, hard to keep track however very enlightening. This does not even touch on the idea of languages and religions, which are better methods of defining cultures and people or trying to understand.

I need to go take a shower, so enough of the cleaning and spell checking there is a limit to the need to be perfect, and mine is short. If a person needs presentation stay home, travel is 100 percent not perfect.

Where is Lithuania?
Eastern Europe, to the right or East of Poland.

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