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Lithuania Home Photos

2005-07-06 23:53:00

Lithuania Home Photos

These are older home, however the clap board construction is around, however I think they have replaced with the concrete rooms.

On the left is the newer type shingles made of some type of plastic like material, and on the right is the Asbestos type, the Asbestos type is common, and is common in the whole world.

There are lots of balconies in Lithuania, and Vilnius has a 3-4 floor type of standard it appears.

These are the new type of living quarters as we entered Lithuania in the bus, they are like the higher rise type building in Turkey. This is rat and mouse type of life like there is in Paris. Very compact and organized living, I personally believe this type of living is bad for the mind and creates all sorts of mice in the brain problems.

A home in Lithuania

Photo from the bus.

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