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Liechtenstein Extreme Friendly People

2005-07-29 04:05:00

I have been laughing, there are two types of people in Liechtenstein.

1. Extremely helpful and friendly, normally the person on the bus or just around you.

2. Extremely unfriendly. This is normally the people in the tourist industry.

I had a girl volunteer on the bus directions to train station yesterday, making sure I understood.

Trying to buy T-shirt today the world worst B"*çtch was waiting on me and this girl walking with me. The tourist officed directly across street was a 3-4 on a scale of 10
10 being very friendly.

This is not a tourist city, it is place where people hide money. However for two Euros or something they will stamp your passport to say you was here. I learned this as the girl I was walking with stopped there to pay for the stamp.

I have a chance to visit all the countries of the world, I am under the impression, I cannot bother myself to prove to the world. They will have to trust me.