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Leaving Liechtenstein

2005-07-30 03:02:00

Leaving Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein 6:15 AM Saturday, July 30 2005

I am happy to be leaving Liechtenstein today, it will be great to have some new things to look at, and a little less free time. There is a balance in my body that is needed, hard to modulate when I travel, however I am under my daily need of excitement. Liechtenstein is a resting place for me, a great country home in the middle of a beautiful mountain range. This is by far the most expensive Hostel I have ever lived in, maybe the most sterile and least like home.

This is a real strange thought process for me, I catch myself analyzing many situations and wonder why, it is interesting to me that my mind has no ability to ignore anything. I notice everything, this lady became a little enrages or better to say frustrated because as we walked down this long field behind the Hostel I stopped to take photos of Lettuce, Carrots and Potato plants growing. She said when I went to take a photo of a Horse,

“What, don’t they have horses in the USA?”

She is a black woman, about 55 living in Germany, however grew up in England and her parents are from Jamaica.

This is a German conception of the world a perception that is very German, not British, the British would maybe say the same, however not with logic more with the idea of who cares. This cynical, not interested, belittling attitude is a problem in Europe and of course among young people. Adults normally start to learn to encourage people to take interest in the many things that have no value in making money.

I see the horse as something the same as the USA, and shows how we are the same.