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Internet Access Liechtenstein

2005-07-29 02:57:00

Internet Access Liechtenstein
Liechtenstein 7:46 AM Friday, July 29 2005

I have a need to think in Liechtenstein, everything I do involving the internet has become 5 times more difficult than normal Europe and 10 times more difficult than the normal Americas or Asia Internet

I need to go and stray to my website and add some information to help the topic or subject of

This is what I added, as I need to isolate or separate the travel type of internet access from the home use type of internet.

"The Big Internet Access Myth."
"Europe has great internet access!"
"The USA has great internet access!"

There are two type of internet access for people.
1. Home used internet, by you own computer in your home.
2. Public access, such as in an internet cafe, library, etc, that allows a person to walk up and use.

Europe and the USA have great Internet access for the Home number one and terrible for number two. While Asia and the Americas have great number two, and maybe a bigger problem on number two.

Nonetheless, I am in one of the worst places on the planet for internet access for the traveler. No internet cafés in this area, the cost of this coin-operated one in the Hostel cost about 12 dollars per hour, or about 9 dollars more than expensive Germany, and about 24 times more than Lithuania or Asia and Americas.

The only time I saw this high was in Montezuma beach in Costa Rica about 7 years ago when really the beach did not have internet. The cost of Satellite access in Corioco, Bolivia or maybe on the island of Koh Pha Ngan, Thailand has never reached this mark.

The start of this was my inadvertent insult or miscommunication with the “Private Banker,” as I said,
“Liechtenstein has terrible Internet Access.”

What I mean, it there is ZERO good internet access locations for the average traveler. I have arranged to use the internet in the Video shop on the other side of Vaduz from the Hostel a very long walk or a bus trip for 2.4 Swiss Frank. I purchased the 6-day pass of 10 Francs, which works great and immensely cheaper. However, I have seen many travelers just getting on and not pay, as it is an honor system.

Photo of Video shop that allows me use for 5 Franc per hour however, a very long walk or you pay 2.5 France for bus, a 7.5 Franc net cost. The people in the shop are very friendly.

Wifi Access in Liechtenstein Hostel

In the Youth Hostel International in Schaan or Vaduz, Lichtenstein, I tried to figure this one out, however in the end could not feel safe as to how to connect to any of the listed systems. The cost to me is extremely high for a backpacker and to me at a level where the only backpacker that would for me make sense would be the super rich kids. There is maybe 20 percent of the backpackers that could pay 100 Euros per night and are only living in the Hostels so they can say they was backpackers. There is snobbery associated with travel and sometimes a person is only looking for some form of bragging rights.

Cost in Swiss Franc of Wifi Access

Available access durations:
30 minutes CHF 7.-
2 hours CHF 15.-
24 hours CHF 29.-
7 days CHF 98.-

The Hostel has a small franchised machine that emits a wifi signal and they earn a profit from the connections. This internet here the Hostel was the least used Hostel internet access I have ever seen, plus the most expensive, 20 cent of Francs per minute.