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I apologize to Korea

2005-07-16 12:28:00

I am making an apology to the countries of North Korea and South Korea.

For the last few months I have confused their names, I received an email from a representative in Seoul saying the map were switched.
I have corrected... I hope.

The problem came from the name.

North Korea formal name is:
Democratic People's Republic of Korea

South Korea formal name is:
Republic of Korea

I made an assumption and for this I apologize, that the word Democratic was for the South Korea, and not the north.

CIA Factbook Information
South Korea
North Korea

These are the maps that are changed.

North Korea or Democratic People's Republic of Korea
South Koreas or Republic of Korea

I learn a little more about the world everyday and sometime humility.

Trust me an American should never make mistakes with Geography, we are held to an extreme level of perfection by the world.