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Hotel in Vilnius Lithuania

2005-07-12 01:42:00

I received this email from somebody in Vilnius, Lithuania.

With the high season coming, this could be a good place to stay, I have no idea of the place or know nothing more than what you are reading.

Dear Sir:
By strange twwist of fate I became a majority owner of a small hotel in
Vilnius (aka Vilno, also aka Vilna), Lithuania. We are located in the
central historic district, lovely place, only 12 rooms. I am hoping to
somehow get some business from the USA. We really have no money for any
substantial advertising, after doing repairs we are "broke". I would
appreciate your help. Our web site is www.apia.lt.
If you could take a look and tell me how we can work through your site,
I would appreciate it.
A. Perl

I made a live link... hehehe wish people would send complete links.

Why do I do this... Because HoboTraveler.com is about one traveler helping another, or one Hobo give a hand to the next. Right now he was honest, or at least I hope, and there is going to be a need for rooms in the next month in Europe.

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