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Hmm Not Wandering the Planet

2005-07-29 07:05:00

I see myself as a person wandering the planet, wondering what to do?

However I am finding I have plenty to do when traveling in Europe, I must and need to stay very organized and follow some rules.

Get a room Reservation.
Book my transportation whether bus, train or what not soon after I arrive.
Plan the day I am leaving the day I arrive.

More anal is to plan all of this before you arrive, but there are limits to me giving up the life of a wanderer.

However, my friend Sabine helped me find a room in Tuttlingen, Germany close to here home where I am going to visit soon on Monday and Tuesday, before another not wandering trip up to Frankfurt for the Encyclopedia Convention.

Great, I have a reservation all is hunkz dory...
I go to my room, thinking I will hang around, talk, watch some tube, (Only BBC)
Sitting there I realized, I do not have the information on the Hotel, I need the name, address, etc, and a reservation without this is not good.

I am used to being in countries where there are internet cafes very close, cheap and easy, all of South America, Central, and Asia, NOT Europe.

Ok, so I take this 20 minute trip back to the Hostel, my day was complete and suddenly I realize I must return to write or copy down all the information. What a drag, what a non-wondering moment in my life. Demands of travel take away from the travel, sometimes though I think the normal traveler loves this scheduling, like there is a challenge to keeping organized, more of an annoyance to me, and certainly not wandering the planet.

I am going to give up, I am going to buy a cell phone so I can get reservations the next time I come to Europe. I hope I can also access the internet when I am out in the jungle, the cell phones in primitive countries have better coverage because they do not lay down the cable or wire now, just install cells.

English typed by German person

Hey Andy !
I made a reservation at the Hotel Rosengarten, Königstr.17 (name of the street), 28 Euros per night incl. breakfst,it´s in the center of Tuttlingen. Phone 0 74 61 - 96 27 0.Take a bus from the railwaystation to the "ZOB" (central busstation).Ask there for the Hotel, it´s 5 min. to walk.I don´t know when I´m back on sunday evening, I call you then !o.k.!

Note this is a private room and only 8 Euros more than the not so friendly Hostels I have been staying in, I believe there is this whole level of Hotels that is off the network, I know there exist many cheap business travel hotels on the fringe of cities in the USA for about 20-25 Dollars USA money.