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Hanseatic League

2005-07-13 01:40:00

Hanseatic League
The other day in Vilnius a man from Norway asked me,
“Are you interested in History?”

He already knew I traveled for Eight Years, so to me this was obvious, could a person travel to various countries without having an interest in History, I do not think so.

On the other hand, do I have any overwhelming desire to know history, no; not really, I am more interested in how things work. I like to know how a world functioned, how did they do this with no telephone?

I was doing the follow the string searches in the Encarta Encyclopedia tracking down this endless path of Enclaves or places countries settled. I need this to sum up all the places in the world to visit, and hopefully I am not right on top of a place and miss it.


This is an example of hmm… checking.

Who knows for sure, I guess it is a region or maybe a new type of political entity called a…

Duke or duchess’s territory: the territory over which a duke or duchess has jurisdiction. Also called dukedom.1

Ok, I am going to classify this as a country, not because it is so much a country and the Encyclopedia is not clear. I think we should say they owe allegiance to whomever the pay taxes to, however maybe this place pays to France.

The bottom line is this, when I meet a person from Brittany, they expect me to know this area and they consider themselves from Brittany, like this is a country. I am not going to slit hairs on this, it is really a place, and the United States cannot understand the loosy goosy forms of government that exist in Europe, autonomous regions etc.

Back to the Hanseatic League, this is a guild or group of trade people in the medieval times that had about 100 cities. When I was in Tallinn there was a guild house, however it got very sketchy as to the significance. Well from a historical point of view a group of Europeans, organizing for a couple of hundred years to trade and making rules is a functional or organizational nightmare. How did they communicate fast enough to remember a consistent or contiguous line of reasoning, quite remarkable to me?

Look it up in my new big favorite.
Hanseatic League

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