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Great Day in Liechtenstein

2005-07-28 09:52:00

I had an hour discussion today with Martin, the manager of the Hostel here in Liechtenstein, he is a sincere guy and makes a good Hostel.

I did a complete interview of sorts, lots of fun and interesting, these Swiss people have the Hostels figured out, he is one of about 62 of a Swiss Chain of Hostels.

I will put the whole interview in a newsletter.

However today is clean, crisp, warm and wonderful in Liechtenstein, I really am a farm boy at heart and a country with only 30,000 people is perfect for me.

Purchased a ticket to Tuttlingen, Germany today for Saturday and will arrive around 1430, it goes through Zurich.

Sure wish I knew the email address of Brad, the guy I met in Stuttgart, I need to email him, I am still typing or doing the internet in the Video Shop in Liechtenstein, the hostel is too expensive at 12 Swiss Francs per hour. The worst part is I have some cool photos and cannot load them onto the machine in anyway, shape or form.

I am not sure, however pretty sure this link is from the Guardian Newspaper from England, a person posted it in a comment, so I should say thanks. I am sometimes a little nervous or maybe under-informed about the internet world and subject like this, because I am only able to surf for one-hour per day or mostly blog and email.,3605,1537030,00.html

Had a two hour talk with an off-shore bank or private banking person yesterday, I am going to make the conversation the tip in the next newsletter. Since there is no way to transfer information from my computer to this computer, I must wait until I return to Germany, not that these too clever Germans make life any easier.

It is always easier to use the internet in the poor countries, something is wrong here.

There was an American that knew everything about backpacks last night in my room, I am going to bleed his brain for all the ins and outs of backpack. He works for REI or some outlet for backpack in North Carolina. Amazing level of knowledge about manufacturers. I make a run to Nepal to make another prototype in September, so another bang of my head against the wall.