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European Backpackers

2005-07-24 09:51:00

European Backpackers
It is 5:07 AM in the morning, a couple of arrogant Americans just came home from an all night drunk, the one man just keeps saying,
“I turn 23 tonight.”

I am not sure, there is something amiss here, and I cannot get my mind around the situation. There must be some common characteristics that annoy me.

I believe this is a class system problem for me; I come from a factory class family and am surrounded by multiple generation ruling class, or those who wish to be the ruling class. In the underdeveloped countries or maybe about 85 percent of the world they are looking at the 15 percent, the USA, and Europe with the idea, this is where they go to be special, to have the special life.

In every person on the planet, there is this need to separate themselves from the normal; I have a saying on my site, “A life less normal.”

I do not want to be special; in fact, I try my best to avoid fame, or special notice from the groupie mentality, MTV mentality ability of observations. I received and email the other day asking in very raw terms,
“Ok… A#$H#*-, when are you going to put your photo up for us to see?”

What I want is this from travel.

1. Time to think.
2. The small conversations that randomly occur between people.
3. The brainstorming.
4. The introspection that is impossible to avoid.

On the negative side, as a French girls said the other day, I want to avoid the consumer person, she said, consumation person. This is maybe called the takers, however it is not just the selfish takers, there are people that consume and eat everything around them, and they devour the good will of anyone or anything in front of them. They live on the good energy of the planet believing they are by a sense of superiority endowed to all things.

Strangely my feeling about the French girl was that she was a consumer, although she was very clear, understood the people, I felt I should avoid her because I would not be more, I would become less.

These consumers obstruct my path, they are in the way, they are everywhere and almost impossible to avoid. Make a person want to become a hermit.

However, there was a great moment yesterday in my travels, the moments that are so very difficult to explain. The type of synergy of experience between people that makes life great. I wish I could duplicate this, the best I can do is figure out how to avoid the consumers.

Europe to me is only about consuming.

The moment was this, I am trying to make this little electric heater, I have learned so much about electricity and what does not work it is becoming easier to find what works.

I have come up with an 80 percent correct model or example.

I just thought about travel, I know why I travel; it has nothing to do with becoming a better person. I do not believe people become better people by traveling, the benefits are less than the cost for the average person, and they should stay home.

I travel because the percentage of new and interesting conversations increases, the “percentage of unique increases.” It is the perfect world for the obsessively curious person. It is the world where a person that cannot stop asking why can thrive, a place where a person looking for an answer will find some answers.

I do not believe people travel to find answers, they travel to consume, they look for answers that support the beliefs they already have, or read the guidebooks and go out and find the answers that support what the guidebook says is important.

A person looking for answers can find them anywhere; travel just answers many questions you would never ask.

The electric heater is making progress; I think I have an 80 percent workable design.

A. 600 Watt Electric heating coil.
Big enough to cook food and heat the room, however low enough that it will not overload breakers or fuses very often.

B. Small
It will fit inside a one-inch thick CD Rom case; it is 1x4x4 inches.

C. Light weight.

The great moment came yesterday when I walked into the third hardware shop and this lady that spoke a little English was helping me, she tried to help, she focused on my goal. She did not care whether she earned money, whether we had a common language, she focused on my little gadget and we worked together for options that would lead us to a solution. She only focused on the solutions, possible solutions, or ways to maybe assist me to achieve my goal. She of course does not understand the goal clearly and I have to always explain that I cannot carry a 20-pound heater in my bag. The first focus of people is to help me make a heater, to make a heater is very easy, to make a lightweight, low wattage, that works on both 220 and 110 is difficult.

Well, this was the moment of fun, the conversation.

I believe one day it is 99 percent possible I find what I want sold in a store, and my invention will be moot, all of this energy just spent in fun.

All countries are great to visit, however I find it very difficult to avoid the consumers in Europe, I am traveling in the wrong manner here, I do need a car or avoid all the big city tourist bubbles.