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Error on the side of Safety

2005-07-29 02:59:00

Error on the side of Safety
Liechtenstein 7:46 AM Friday, July 29 2005

I am going up to breakfast, I have been working on my computer in the common area or the TV room, I have to walk up three flights of stairs to put my computer in the very safe locker box outside my room.

I can just walk into the dining room and eat the buffet, place the computer bag by my chair or better on the top of the table. Much faster and easier.

However for sure this is the worst idea, I will take the most conservative option because I do not want to accidentally forget the computer bag and leave in the dining area or make available while I am loading my plate for a quick nab.

The manager Martin says that nobody has ever been robbed here; I believe him and do not believe him. There is always theft in any accommodations, however for sure very few of the trailer Euro-Trash, or Ameri-Trash come here, Liechtenstein is for sure the place for the cultural traveler and the ever present bike riders are more the rich city kids, again not prone to this type of theft, more the corporate type.

Aagh three flights and a walk, the hard choice, but the best choice, robbery happens because I would make the easy choice, not the conservative choice, one is guaranteed safe, while the other is maybe. I error on the side of caution.