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Dizzy Daisy Hostel in Krakow Robbed

2005-07-24 23:16:00

I live in the Bling Bling,

Two nights ago there was a robbery of a whole room in the Dizzy Daisy.

I want to say, this is too stupid, however what do you say when the whole flock of geese fly the wrong direction. The Dizzy Daisy as I understand is owned by the same person as the Bling Bling, this is good, there is the same large lockers.

Photos of these great lockers on this page.

The both have these large very solid and almost perfect wood lockers vaults in the room, however I guess the people did not use the lockers and trusted everyone in the room. Therefore someone went through the dorm room and stole many things of value laying around. This strangely is SOP or Standard Operating Procedure of the backpackers, trust everyone, I think they are sometime to rich or too lazy to just put things away.

Europe is to me one of the most dangerous places on the planet to travel for those who live in Hostels, because most Hostels do not have lockers. I mean, we are in EXCEPTIONAL Hostels presently, this owner is good, he gives and almost perfect locker. A perfect locker would allow me to use my own padlock with a hasp.

However this is really good system and he or she needs congratulated, however the travelers of the planet want to think.

Ask yourself,
"Can I trust everyone I meet?"
If the answer is yes, then for sure stay home, if the answer is no, then why would you leave valuables laying around in a dorm where anyone can rent a bed, you are trusting everyone, this is optimistic, however not so smart.

I am annoyed that I must sometimes allow owners of hotels to have a key, the cleaning ladies are not the most trusting people on the planet. It is like all the geese will believe it is possible for perfection.

There will be people blaming the London Police for not stopping the last set of bombers, this is ridiculous, there is no way to stop them.

Note: I found a really good Hostel Directory site to find Hostels, I think it works good for Europe, however I am not sure after that.