Disposable Sony Camera

I am starting to think that all digital cameras should be
disposable Sony Camera

I am having trouble getting a half year out of a digital camera, the new Cyber-Shot I purchased for around 200 Dollars U.S. is already having a serious problem. The lens is not opening correctly and reading a little it looks like a common problem.

I take hundreds of photos and to pay the 500-700 some people pay it to me absurb, better to have a camera that is cheap, then buy a new one, then to have an expensive one and buy a new one, it seems never cost effective to have a camera fixed. I am hoping to find a page that says how to self repair or fix myself this problem.

By the way, my camera is not a disposable camera, however it may as well be, good for three months then throw away and buy a new one. However I think they are all about the same, not made to be used, and built in obsolete.


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