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Curiosity Traveler

2005-07-07 08:42:00

I am slowly reaching one of my goal... hehehe
I wish to tap into the collective knowledge of the world.

The internet is interactive, a person can comment on my issues or photos. My biggest problem of travel is the total lack of information about the things that interest me.

I stopped today and looked at what at first I thought was a basketball rim. What is this thing, who know, I will post soon. However I see traveler writer and guidebooks, magazine only talking about what they know. This it not travel, a traveler needs to learn about what they do not know.
So my goal is slowly evolving to where we all can post pictures of items and we can all learn or be curious about the world togethers. I know it is possible to take pictures of every strange item on the planet, and then we can learn together. This is why I really wish people would post their answers in the comments below the post on the blog. Then the world can learn along with me, that people for helping a traveler in a strange land, learn about the strange thing he encounters.

It is raining, it rained yesterday, this would spoil the traveler that must keep moving to enjoy lifes day, it just allows me to read my book "Alaska" by James Michener.
That man is a wonder, all those page and really before the computer.

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