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Bus to Lithuania

2005-07-06 06:44:00

Bus to Lithuania
I am hoping I will take a bus to Lithuania this morning, however I am not very sure, and my last trip to nowhere Ville left me wary. When I left Rapla, Estonia going to Riga, I found that the bus did not leave for two and one-half hours; therefore, I am a little worried here.

The owner of the Nameji Guesthouse here in Bauska, Latvia called the bus station to ask when the bus leaves for Kaunas, Lithuania. They said it leaves at 1530 or about 3:30 PM, this is very late in the day and really makes my life impossible, I do not have a room and need to arrive early.

It is not normal for buses to leave for major cities in the afternoon, this is only a two our trip.

I am going to apply my theory of travel.
Travel, leave, take off, and normally you will move forward.

Waiting for a decision on when to travel or when the bus leaves is not normally a good policy, I have found that when you are sitting in a bus station normally you get on a bus and go somewhere.

Owners of Hostels or Hotels are not good at helping to find buses to leave them, they always seem to lack on the number of questions or just cannot find the best time. There in nobody, better than yourself to ask the question, you have a vested interesting in leaving, they have a vested interest in you staying.

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