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Buchs Train Station Liechtenstein

2005-07-30 03:04:00

Buchs Train Station Liechtenstein
10:22 AM Saturday, July 30 2005

I am sitting at the Buchs Liechtenstein Train Station, my train leaves at 11:10 AM and I will change trains for Tuttlingen, Germany in Zurich.

I am worried about the train station in Zurich, I have plenty of time or about 40 minutes, however they say the train to Zurich is sometimes late. Changing trains in Europe to me is a hassle, there is never any persons around to help, yes they have an information desk, however on the short changes, like less than 20 minutes I need to go strait for the next gate or Gleis as they say in German.

I am doing research.

“What is the large cities where the train in Zurich will go, or my train?

I asked the nice lady who sold me the ticket, and after about 5 minutes of research she is saying or thinking I should look for the sign on the wall or marquee that says “Stuttgart.”

I am looking at the map in my Encarta Encyclopedia to see if there is any bigger cities on the map, that could be used instead of Stuttgart. If I know the largest next city it is easier, mainly because I would normally ask, however this is difficult for lack of service. I really do not ask, I point a the city on the ticket and point or maybe now say Gleis. If a worker wishes they can look at the ticket and help, if I speak English they are more than willing to ignore me and walk away.

I find that most travelers seem so excited they make it, and would never be willing to admit that it is a major hassle. This is like saying to another traveler, I am not good at travel. I really like it when 5-10 people are screaming in my face cities, and I can just say or hold up a piece of paper with the name of the city and they will more or less shove me on a train or bus, this is easier, however not as clean.

I think I am on train number 182(a) or something ab.