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BRAD - Gay Convention in Liechtenstein

2005-07-29 03:56:00

I keep forgetting to carry the email address with me and I want to give a heads up notice to Brad from Canada.... WARNING
Starts Saturday 30 of July and they all are going to live in Youth Hostel Schaan - Vaduz Liechtenstein.

I am leaving tomorrow morning, I asked the owner if you made a reservation, he said you reserved a room for Saturday. He also says there is a room or bed available for me, however I am ready to leave, have purchased the train ticket, and really cannot be bothered to live in the Hostel with this new group. Normal groups for this place are bike riders, every day.

The Hostel is the home for a few days as best I understand to a group of Gay people, both men and women for a convention of sorts. I have no idea actually.

Brad have fun... hehehe (He is not Gay)

I am not Gay, therefore I am off Brad, have fun... heheheh
I am off to Tuttlingen, Germany to see my friend Sabine.

Too Funny...

The funny part is the European Union as best I can understand is paying the cost, some 200,000 plus Euros for this group to stay in these places.