Bauska Latvia

2005-07-04 00:09:00

I am off by bus to Bauska, Latvia, Europe is so easy on travel, only about one-two hours away, a walk in the park. It is on the south border of Latvia close to Lithuania. I am doing the chase to look for real Latvia, a place again on the map not in the guidebook, or at least not in mine.

I admit I am having more fun in Europe this time, with my two-wheel cart I have not broken my back with the great amount of walking in Europe.

The other travelers here in the Baltic States are a high level of conversation, Berlin was more on the MTV and less on anything. Riga is a full on, no stop party city, however it is fun and interesting wrapped in the Medieval style. Lots of strippers and one traveler was actually complaining saying he wanted to me nice girls. This is not normal for a traveler to say.

I went out with two Dutch girls, a Wales man, a Portugal guy and few miscellaneous last night, lots of fun and crazy, however Sunday night so less crazy.

I am really wanting now to buy a Van so my Hotel problem would be solved, the need for reservations is a real problem for me, I just like to wander, not wonder if I have a room.

I go for the bus now, have photos!

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