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Bauska Latvia Bed and Breakfast

2005-07-04 10:09:00

Bauska Latvia Bed and Breakfast
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I have entered some form of Latvian Country farm paradise, I am in a guesthouse as the owne calls it, on the city edge of Bauska, Latvia. I am not exactly clear where I am, however the quality of my living quarters just jumped five levels as now I have a single room, sunlight, quiet, no roommates, no bunks, and electricity in the room, with a coffee pot included.

The Nameji B & B or maybe a guesthouse, these words all run together for me, I have a private room with a shared shower. The place is a home with maybe the garage made into another home. I am surrounded by farmland, with what I think is mustard growing, however the young girl says oil, then there are potatoes next to the mustard… Maybe.

7 Lats per night, that is 5 less than the Argonauts Hostel in Riga, however I have learned that the Argonauts although ok is not a very good level of service for the price compared to the Riga Old Town Hostel. Hard for me to imagine however the Argonauts has a kitchen with no stove and almost no dishes. It is more of a place to make a cup of tea or coffee, it does have a microwave.

I am about ready to go explore the area or Bauska, there is suppose to be internet in the proper house, and I am crossing my finger, that I can use my thumb drive in their computer. If this is possible, then I will write my newsletter from here and stay a couple of days. Then move on to Lithuania and onward towards Poland.

Sandra mother and daughter Darta flagged me down at the bus stop in Bauska, Latvia. I was laughing, I have just written in newsletter number 177 about how to find a Hostel or Hotel when you do not have a reservation.

I was hanging around being obvious, I do not have a place to go, because I did not force the play, they found me, I am not in paradise for 7 Lats or about 14 Dollars U.S.

This is growing just outside my door in the Guesthouse or Bed and Breakfast in Bauska, Latvia. I believe it is Mustard however Darta the Daughter does not agree.

We agree, this is potatoes. I would guesstimate that the Baltic States fail to utilize about 25 percent of their tillable farmland; so many fields look like they failed to put to crops.

I am typing this blog from the second floor of this building, and ultra modern room and place to hang my hat.

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