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Africa Expedition

2005-07-05 01:45:00

Africa Expedition
Hmm… I am thinking out-loud, trying to figure out a future path to follow.

I try not to use the world Expedition because I consider it presumptuous or snobbish, like there is some place that needs a present day Expedition. I would call a trip to Mars and Expedition however hard to say where on the planet I would think there needs an Expedition.

Maybe to go search for them non-contracted tribes in South America would be an Expedition. I do know they would not allow me join some Explorers club because I need to do some for of Scientific study to join, and again seems snobbish, you need some men with braver to lead, not just brains.

The definition of Expedition:

organized trip by a group: a trip made by a group of people for a specific purpose, for example, to explore unknown territory, to do scientific study, or to achieve a military objective (2 - Encarta)

I have no idea how this could apply to a group of Hoboes, unless you say we went in search of exotic women or cheaper lands to travel… hehehe

The new place of the next backpacker generations, the unclaimed backpacker tourist destination. The island where we must not tell anyone about and for sure not share the map, as Alex Garland would explain in the movie the Beach.

However… Expedition has the meaning of organized and I am lost to find a word for what I am thinking about, or maybe trying to plan… a.k.a. organize.

A reader by the name of Martyn wrote explaining a trip.

“What I would like is to travel down the western side of Africa to South Africa and then head up to Egypt. It would take a while but what a journey eh?”

He does call it a journey, hmm… is journey the correct word?

1. trip somewhere: a trip or expedition from one place to another
2. process of development: a gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced, for example, from innocence to mature awareness (2 - Encarta)

I have a link where I try to slice and dice this topic or this question…

What type of traveler am I?

However an Expedition does beget the concept of organized, and I am a wanderer, not an organized person, however for sure I am extremely organized in a micro type way. I use the box theory or compartmentalized method of thinking.

Therefore, for lack of clarity yet in my use of a word for this a trip down Africa I will presently use the word Expedition, the maybe I will reach Nirvana and come up with the proper word.

I would like and Expedition of all women in love with me… Swedish, Eastern Europeans, and for sure Israelis.

OK, back to the idea.

I am thinking of a better, I sorely miss the boat, I am not capable of really exploring all the aspects of any one place, I am just glossing over a lot of interesting issues of travel in each place, and for sure I avoid many of the issues I really cannot be bothered to learn about. I am especially weak on museums and religious type tourist attractions, I am bored to death with them, there is always too many.


That is more correct, if I was doing a guidebook, I would need my specialist, and one person cannot really to me write a good guidebook. I suppose I could write a guide to all the Hotels in country, however then to write about Archeology, give me a break, outside the focus, not qualified. This is my gut reaction to most observations in the guidebook, the self-appointed expert on all issues, and really not qualified to talk on any, therefore I am often just wishing the guidebook to list the types of attractions available and keep their mouths shut.

However again…

1. Writers or explainers
2. Photographers
3. Anthropologist
4. Culture types
5. Webmasters
6. Graphics
7. Map - Mapmaking or cartography
8. Language
9. Party Animals
10. Transportation Experts

The list goes on and on, however if you look at the index page of you will see that I have 150 categories that could be covered in an Expedition to find what people look or ask about when they travel.

This is really the nature of what I do, I go around and find information for me, about things I am curious about, and then I try to file them away or integrate them into the topics, this is an overwhelming and monumental task, trying to cover the planet, being curious about everything, and for sure I cannot fill in all the blanks. Therefore, is a way of collecting information for me on all the 150 topics, and then in the future is the collector of the same 150 topics, however on every city on the planet. is the collector of all the Hotels on the planet because that is always priority number one for a traveler to learn where they will sleep tonight.

Therefore, an expedition would go off with a group of Hoboes and have fun; however, a full group may cover some or many of the topics.

I still like the idea of a full contingent of Swedish girls and sound more interesting to me; I suppose this is some Peter Pan syndrome at work.

As always has been the case, this is all about me making enough money to continue traveling and having fun.

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